Saturday, February 12, 2011

I've Made the Big Time! Karl Rove is now following me on Twitter! I'm sure he's looking for solid advice so I'm expecting a lot of questions. My tongue is sticking into my cheek so far as I right this that I think I sprained it.

Session Playlist #3. I dug into my massive 40+ GB music library to put together this week's playlist based on the theme of "dancing." You may remember that I referenced the dance of politics late last week in a thread and so, with no further delay, a playlist dedicated to it.

Track #1--"Do You Want to Dance?"--The Beach Boys
Track #2--"Let's Dance"--David Bowie
Track #3--"Land of 1,000 Dances"--Wilson Pickett
Track #4--"Mystery Dance"--Elvis Costello
Track #5--"Ten Cents a Dance"--Anita O'Day (Quite a bit of inflation since this was recorded!)
Track #6--"Politics of Dancing"--Re-Flex (Another Classic Motor Company dance floor fave!)
Track #7--"Dancing Machine"--Jackson 5
Track #8--"When You Dance (I Can Really Love)--Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Track #9--"Shall We Dance?"--Ella Fitzgerald
Track #10--"Every Dance"--TaMara and the Scene (The Twin Cities' own!)
Track #11--"Dance, Dance, Dance"--The Steve Miller Band
Track #12--"Dancing in the Street"--Martha and the Vandellas
Track #13--"And We Danced"--The Hooters (No relation to the terrible restaurant)
Track #14--"All She Wants to Do is Dance"--Don Henley
Track #15--"Dance the Night Away"--Van Halen
Track #16--"Slow Dancer"--Boz Scaggs
Track #17--"Dance of the Infidels"--Bud Powell (All-time great jazz pianist!)
Track #18--"Dancing in the Moonlight"--King Harvest (1970s AM Gold!)
Track #19--"Dancing Queen"--ABBA (greatest thing from Sweden since my great-grandfather)
Track #20--"Dancing in the Dark"--Charlie "Yardbird" Parker (not the Springsteen song)
Track #21--"Save the Last Dance for Me"--Emmy Lou Harris
Track #22--"Last Dance"--Donna Summer

With Valentine's Day up on Monday, expect a new playlist highlighting that holiday next week!

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