Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Good Thing about Road Trips.  In an entry that will reveal my ever-increasing nerdiness, I want to wax about the joy of road-trips (and I'll be racking up about 2,000 miles in October) and the opportunity to listen to either books-on-tape or taped courses from The Teaching Company.  I am currently listening to Volume 3 of Robert Caro's "The Years of Lyndon Johnson:  Master of the Senate."  I prefer actually reading to listening to a book-on-tape, but it's hard to read a book when one is cruising along at the speed limit, so a book-on-tape it is.  This book is proving both interesting and entertaining, as it outlines Lyndon Johnson's legislative career, touching briefly on his time in the US House of Representatives and more thoroughly tracing his rise to prominence in the US Senate.  The book is read by actor Steven Lang (evil military guy in "Avatar") and he does a great job.  All in all, a great experience.

Link:  http://www.randomhouse.com/audio/catalog/display.php?isbn=9780553755770

My other on-the-road diversion comes in the form of audio courses from The Great Courses series produced by The Teaching Company. I've been listening to these for a past decade and the courses are usually interesting and have helped me fill in a number of gaps in my education.  Lots of good bargains with rotating sales at the website and I'd highly recommend trying a couple of courses on for size.

Link:  http://www.thegreatcourses.com/

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