Thursday, January 10, 2013

Senate Bill Introductions.  Not much to say about the Senate bill introductions other than SF 2 is a bill that would pay for voluntary all-day kindergarten by raising the pupil weighting for kindergartners in an all-day kindergarten program from 0.612 to 1.115.  While there will be districts that may not have space for all-day kindergarten and parents who do not choose to have their children attend an all-day kindergarten program, the bill should have strong support.  Cost estimates are soft right now, but I will provide them when the become available.

Raising the kindergarten weighting to that of a first grader for students in an all-day kindergarten program is part of the policy addendum to the SEE 2013 platform.

The bill is being carried by freshman legislator Senator Greg Clausen (DFL-Apple Valley).  Senator Clausen comes with two very high recommendations:  (1) he is an administrator in the SEE member Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan School District, and (2) he is a graduate of Augsburg College, the same distinguished institution of higher learning that produced yours truly.

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SF 2 Text:

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