Monday, January 12, 2015

Another Breezy Day.  Not so much outside, but inside the Capitol, both bodies breezed through their floor sessions, simply introducing bills and not much else.  There were some notable bill introductions.  Senator Kevin Dahle (DFL-Northfield) introduced SFs 75 and 76, which contain all of the recommendations of the Facilities Finance Working Group recommendations except for the increase in debt service equalization.  Here are today's bill introductions:


SF 76 (Dahle) -- Makes all districts eligible for alternative facilities and simplifies the system of deferred maintenance and health and safety programs --

SF 78 (Wiger) -- Appropriates money for equity in telecommunications access --


HF 72 (S. Anderson) -- Expands education tax credit and tax deduction to include certain prekindergarten expenditures --

HF 87 (Dettmer) -- Expands alternative facilities program to include Forest Lake ISD #831 --

HF 94 (Quam) -- Modifies teacher qualifications in terms of MTLE scores --

HF 99 (Scott) -- Establishes notice requirements for student surveys --

HF 102 (Garofalo) -- Modifies provisions of the Safe and Supportive Schools Act by exempting districts with a written plan in place under Minnesota Statutes 2012, 121A.0695, that protects all students in the school district --

HF 150 (Mullery) -- Creates 21st century skills development pilot project --

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