Monday, March 23, 2015

On To Education Finance.  With the omnibus education policy bill passing its first hurdle last week, the focus will now turn to the Education Finance Committees in both the House and Senate.  Although the first policy committee deadline has passed, the committees dealing with education policy in the House and Senate have one more week of hearings to cover bills moving individually that have cleared the policy committee in the other body.  There aren't a lot of bills in this category, as most education-related bills get folded into the omnibus bills.

The latest engrossments of the omnibus policy bills have been posted.  Engrossments are versions of the bill into which the amendments passed in the previous committee are incorporated.  If one wishes to see the language of the amendments and where they were placed, the House or Senate Journal contains the committee report for a bill and lists the amendments.  The engrossment is simply the final product.

HF 1591:  First Engrossment

SF 1495:  First Engrossment

Bill Introductions.  Wednesday, March 18


SF 1833--Rest--Makes year-long student teaching program part of teacher preparation--

SF 1864--Jensen--Creates grant program to increase robotics programs in Greater Minnesota--

SF 1872--Hayden--Appropriates money for grant to Urban League for 13th grade--


HF 2004--Peterson--Establishes a global education to workforce initiative--

Bill Introductions.  Thursday, March 19.



HF 2031--Whelan--Appropriates money for grant to Urban League for 13th grade--

HF 2047--Christensen--Provides for information technology certifications through public-private partnerships--

Bill Introductions.  Monday, March 23.


SF 1927--Thompson--Modifies transportation procedures for non-resident charter school students--

SF 1933--Nienow--Creates a financial incentive for districts that enhance proficiency for English language learners--

SF 1935--Wiger--Removes obsolete language in general education revenue statutes--

SF 1936--Wiger--Removes obsolete language in general education revenue statutes--

SF 1939--Johnson--Clarifies that children under 7 who voluntarily enroll in school are subject to compulsory attendance law--

SF 1955--Kiffmeyer--Creates new revenue stream for school districts with low per pupil unit general revenue and low per pupil unit property wealth--


HF 2064--Nornes--Appropriates money for Minnesota Learning Resource Center--

HF 2068--Dettmer--Increases cap on basic alternative teacher compensation aid--

HF 2088--Kahn--Proposes Constitutional Amendment to lower voting age for school district elections to 16--

HF 2096--Peterson--Appropriates money for global education to workforce program--

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