Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Two Days in a Row!  There were so many ideas rolling around in my head last night, I didn't get them all down in cyberspace, so here are a couple of additional items.

Ted Kolderie Charter School Piece.  Minnesota education reformer Ted Kolderie had a really insightful piece in the Sunday Minneapolis StarTribune.  In the piece, Kolderie attempts to steer a middle-ground between the anti-charter school lobby and those who believe that charter schools are the answer to all of Minnesota's (and the nation's) educational woes.  He also urges getting back to the original focus of charter schools, which was to launch innovative instructional practices in hopes of finding methods that can be exported to the school population at large.  

Kolderie also touches on the Innovation Zone program promoted by Education/Evolving and MASA and adopted by the Legislature several years ago.  This legislation has allowed a select number of districts to be relieved of some state mandates and think outside the box on the delivery of instruction and assessment.  The article also looks at the teacher-led school movement and how that might contribute to innovation as well. 

It's  a very good piece and certainly worth the read.

How to Improve Public Education? All of the Above.

Presidential Education Platforms.  There hasn't been much discussion of education policy in the Presidential race, but ABC news published this short item two days ago outlining the differences that exist between the candidates.  The major difference emanates from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's greatly expanded set of school choice options, especially for students in failing schools.  While the details are murky (seeing that Federal contribution to public education hovers at less than 10% of total revenue nationally).  Would the portability proposed by Trump only apply to Federal funds or would states be required to have state (and perhaps local) revenue follow students who choose an option other than their local school district?

Here is a link to the article.

Clinton's and Trump's Plans to Help Education Differ Sharply

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