Sunday, January 29, 2017

Oops!  I apologize for not putting together a blog entry last Thursday.  Things got a little backed up.  Thursday featured two education-related hearings.  The first was in the House Education Innovation Policy Committee, which covered Representative Jim Knoblach's HF 387 and Representative Sarah Anderson's HF 256.  Both of these bills would expand the definition of eligible expenditures and income levels for Minnesota's education tax credit.  Representative Knoblach's HF 387 would also increase the value of the tuition tax deduction.

The House Education Finance Committee also met and reviewed the Legislative Auditor's report on the Perpich Center for the Arts.  Like the previous hearings in both House and Senate, the committee delved into the lack of internal controls that were cited by the Legislative Auditor in its report.

Shout Out!  Congratulations to Cannon Falls High School Social Studies/History teacher Heather Loeschke on being named Minnesota's Social Studies Teacher of the Year by the Minnesota Council for Social Studies.  Loeschke was also named a James Madison Memorial Fellowship winner.  There are 58 award winners nationally, but Loeschke was the only Minnesota teacher to win a fellowship.  As a graduate of Cannon Falls High School, I'm always proud to point out the great things that are happening in my hometown.  So big-time props to Heather Loeschke whose dedication to the study of the US Constitution is simply awesome.




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