Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Education Finance Notes.  The House Education Finance Committee and the Senate E-12 Finance Committee were the two education-related committees meeting today.  The House committee covered three bills, two of which, HF 831 (Loon) and HF 843 (Mariani), deal with extended time revenue and propose to link extended time revenue to the basic formula so its value would increase automatically when the basic formula is increased.  Extended time revenue has proven to be an effective strategy in closing the achievement gap and it was interesting to hear testimony on how districts are using this revenue to meet student learning needs.  The committee also heard Representative Jason Rarick's HF 631, which establishes a youth skills training program.

The Senate committee heard five bills, one of which, SF 857 (Torres Ray), is the companion to HF 843 on linking extended time revenue to the basic formula.  Chair Carla Nelson's SF 954 would make charter schools eligible to receive extended time revenue.  They are currently prohibited from receiving it.  The committee also heard SF 204, a bill authored by Senator Ron Latz that would increase the community education basic formula.  Senator Chuck Wiger's SF 7 would fund the full service community schools program that was established a few years ago.  These schools incorporate a wide range of social services within the school community, which promotes one-stop access to these needed services.  The committee also heard SF 1300, Senator Justin Eichorn's bill that would provide funding for the Education Innovation Partners Cooperative Center.

BILL INTRODUCTIONS (They keep on coming!)



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