Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Missed a Day.  But seeing I did two on Monday, I'm still one my targeted one-a-day regimen.  The House Education Finance Committee was the only education-related committee that met on Tuesday.  The committee received a presentation on the Governor's education budget proposal--HF 4328--and testimony from the various and sundry education organizations that have interest in the bill.  There are three major funding provisions in the Governor's bill.

  • $16 million aid increase to school district for FY 19 for school safety revenue (putting per pupil amount at $54/PU).  School safety revenue is set at $72/PU thereafter with an aid/levy mix.
  • $17 million aid increase in changes to the special education formula for FY 19 with tails of an additional $43.5 million in the next biennium.
  • $56 million in the next biennium to make the School Readiness Plus program permanent.

There are a number of other program funding increases, but those listed above is where the big money is located.

Legislative budget targets have not been set yet, so it is difficult to know exactly where the conflicting views of the Legislature and Governor will collide.  Who knows?  Maybe there won't be conflicting views.

NAEP Results Released.  

(Sorry.  Couldn't resist the temptation.)

The National Assessment of Educational Progress NAEP) released its annual report outlining student achievement across the states that participate in the NAEP process.  Christopher Mangan from the St. Paul Pioneer Press put together this article that takes apart Minnesota's results.  As has been the case in recent history, our scores stack up very well nationally, but we continue to have troubling gaps between the achievement of white students and students in minority groups.

Link:  MN students near top on national test. Breaking results down by race tells another story.

Here is a link to the Nation's Report Card where you can see where Minnesota stands compared to other states.  Link:  Nations Report Card

In addition, here is the link that gives an overall review of the national results:  The 2017 grades 4 and 8 mathematics and reading results are in!

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris in Town.  Renowned pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris spoke at the Westminster Town Forum in Minneapolis yesterday.  I listened to the re-broadcast of her speech while driving back from the Belle Plaine Community Forum on their proposed bond election (Thanks for inviting me Dr. Laager and thanks to all the community members who participated).  Dr. Burke Harris provides a lot of insight in her remarks about how childhood trauma has an adverse effect on later intellectual and emotional development.

Here is a link to her remarks:  Dr. Nadine Burke Harris at Westminster Town Hall Forum

In addition, this link leads to the Center for Youth Wellness that Dr. Burke Harris founded:  Center for Youth Wellness

Last, but not least, a link to more information about ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) scores and what they may mean:  Take The ACE Quiz — And Learn What It Does And Doesn't Mean

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