Friday, February 22, 2008

In This Corner!!!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen! Meine Dammen und Herren! Take your pick. Do you see this as . . .

Batman and Robin versus the Penguin?

Larry Henning and Handsome Harley Race (aka The Dolly Sisters) versus Andre the Giant?

Underdog and Sweet Polly versus Simon Bar Sinister?

Homer and Helper Monkey Mojo versus Ned Flanders?

"For what purpose have you put these seemingly unrelated pairings up, Lundell?" you are probably asking. "And what is 'this?'"

Look closely at each of the pictures on the left. They have two characters. And the picture on the right only has one character.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?!?" you are probably continuing to say. "Still not following. Madness is a terrible thing."

Okay, enough with the tortured analogy. Given the Governor's veto of the transportation bill, both houses of the Legislature will have to override the veto for it to become law. Both houses. As in two houses. Thus, the two characters on the left need to overwhelm the character on the right to get their way. (Boy, this sounded so much more clever when I was thinking about it this afternoon.)

So whether you see the Legislature as Homer and Helper Monkey Mojo or the Governor as Andre the Giant, in the next few days, either the one on the right or the two on the left are going to win--at least in the short term--on this issue.

Next week will be a crucial week at the Legislature. The decision will be made on this version of the transportation bill. The budget forecast will come out (and the numbers will be worse). And the first committee deadline is only three weeks, so bills are going to have to start flying through the policy committees in order to have a fighting chance of passing. In other words, after Friday, February 29, the direction of the Legislature may be pretty well set. So watch and listen closely. Okily-dokily?

See you all Monday! Have a great weekend and don't forget to write!

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