Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Governor's Work Group Meets.  The Governor's Education Finance Working Group met this afternoon in what will be one of its final meetings.  The panel has nearly finished a slate of public meetings held throughout the state in an attempt to get public input into the initial set of the group's proposals.  Today's meeting was dedicated to going through the group's proposals (can't really call them recommendations at this point) and discussing them.  The group--led by Tom Nelson and Peggy Ingison--reviewed the array of proposals, which include all components of the general education formula, the special education formula, and facilities funding.

The working group will be putting together it's final package of proposals at their next meeting on November 27.  We're really lucky at SEE, as Dr. Tom Melcher will be presenting the group's work at our monthly meeting on November 30.  I will keep you posted on these important proceedings.

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