Sunday, February 26, 2017

Good Article on Representative Kresha.  MinnPost does a great job of covering the Legislature and Erin Hinrichs put together this great article on Representative Ron Kresha for last Thursday's edition.  In his legislative career that is now entering its third term, Representative Kresha has shown himself to be someone who is willing to take on the tough issues and this year has been no exception.  He is sponsoring two of the education bills--removing the word "willfull" from the description of behavior that can get a student suspended and an expansion of private school choice--that are generating the most discussion this session and the discussion on those bills is far from over.  Hinrich's article does a good job of outlining the framework surrounding both of these bills and the advocates and those opposing the bills.

Meet Rep. Ron Kresha, the man behind two of the most controversial education bills at the state Capitol

Bill Introductions.  Here are the education-related bills that were introduced on Thursday, February 23.



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