Monday, February 13, 2017

One Hearing Today.  The Senate E-12 Finance Committee met today and spent its committee time listening to feedback from a variety of education lobbyists providing perspectives on the Governor's budget.  The basic message is one of appreciation for:

  • A target of over $600 million.
  • 2% in each year on the general education basic formula.
  • Assistance with the projected deficit in the teachers' retirement fund with funding coming from outside the basic formula.
  • $40 million for an increase in the special education formula.
  • Increase in debt service equalization that will be carried in the tax bill.
There were also floor sessions today, so here (along with Thursday's introductions) are the E-12 related bills that were introduced.


House (Thursday, February 9)

House (Monday, February 13)

Senate (Thursday, February 9)

Senate (Monday, February 13)

Before I Leave.  Here's an article from a recent web update from The Washington Monthly about home-visitation early childhood education programs.  Minnesota has had similar success to that highlighted in the article over the past decade.  The Washington Monthly is decidedly left-of-center, so take some of political rhetoric with a grain of salt.

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