Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday Monday.

We are heading into the last six days of the 2018 Legislative Session and things are moving rapidly.  The conference committee on SF 3656 (the mega-multisubject-catchall-everything including the kitchen sink appropriations bill) has announced its funding targets.  The target of the E-12 portion of the bill is $30.8 million, with $19.9 million going to school safety revenue that will go to all districts.  There several other school safety-related grants and revenue streams and a number of other isolated grant programs.  I have yet to see the language part of the bill that explains how the school safety revenue mechanism will work (it looks like something close to the House proposal at first blush).

This target does not include revenue to fund the pension bill.  The revenue dedicated to that cause is included in the target, but is being carried in another subtarget.  

I will be back later with more details.

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