Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tuesday Morning. So let's start it out with a trip through memory lane when a young Mick Jagger crooned Ruby Tuesday.

Funny story about Ruby Tuesday.  When the song came out, my older brother thought is was Groovy Tuesday and for once in my life, I had something right vis-a-vis my brilliant older sibling and of course we got into a shouting match until my mother yelled "What's all that racket in there!" (one of her favorite lines) and our disagreement came to an abrupt end (at least in terms of spirited debate).

So what does this have to do with what's going on at the Legislature.  In brief, there's quite a racket going on.  The Fox 9 report on fraud in the state childcare program is producing quite a spirited debate which will hang over the Legislature's proceedings as the session draws to an end.

The omnibus budget/policy conference committee will be reconvening in the early afternoon and the E-12 articles are supposedly first on the agenda.  I will post those articles as soon as I can find the link to them.

Until then, how about a little more of the Rolling Stones with a song that describes how a lot of folks with legislatively-related lives are feeling as the session winds down.

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