Monday, March 10, 2014

Bill Introductions.  Here are Monday's bill introductions:

SF 2459 (Clausen)/HF 2775 (Brynaert):  Aligning teacher evaluation programs:

SF 2460 (Wiger)/HF 2683 (Bly):  Establishes Response to Intervention requirements:

SF 2498 (Eken)/HF 2443 (Marquart):  Allows September 1 school start day for 2015-2016 school year:

SF 2520 (Hoffman)/HF 2743 (Hortman):  Increases equalization factors for facilities-related programs:

HF 2861 (Isaacson)/Currently No Senate Companion:  Directs commissioner of education to consult with experts to design career and technical education programs:

HF 2781 (Yarusso)/Currently No Senate Companion:  Clarifies testing requirements for teachers:

HF 2819 (Sawatsky)/SF 2117:  Requires funding for facilities funding work group for 2016-2017 biennium and provides one-time facilities funding for FY 15:

Road Trip.  Thanks to Litchfield school board and Superintendent Dan Frazier for having me out to Monday night's board meeting.  It's always great to get out and see SEE members and field whatever questions they have about SEE's mission and the current legislative session.  Thanks again!

Big Day Tomorrow in Senate Education Policy.  Last Thursday, Senator Scott Dibble (DFL-Minneapolis) re-referred HF 826--the anti-bullying bill--from the Senate Finance Committee to the Senate Education Committee, where it will be heard tomorrow.  There will likely be amendments to the bill to soften some aspects of it that school district personnel believe make it difficult to implement.  It should be a lively hearing and I will report on it tomorrow.

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