Monday, March 03, 2014

The Hits Just Keep on Coming.  The Legislature met in session today and between the two houses, another 297 bills were introduced.  With this year's early deadlines, everyone is trying to get their bills in the hopper and heard.  The first policy committee deadline is March 21, which is a mere two weeks from this coming Friday.  That means a couple of wild weeks and numerous night meetings will be needed to meet this time frame.

Without further suspense, here are today's introductions:

SF 2117 (Dahle)/Currently No House Companion: Requires Governor put revenue for School Facilities Finance Working Group recommendations in next biennial budget:

SF 2121 (Rosen)/Currently No House Companion:  Repeals World's Best Workforce annual evaluation:

SF 2159 (Skoe)/HF 2555 (Radinovich):  Allocates a portion of the state general tax on seasonal residential recreational property to school districts:

SF 2160 (Kent)/HF 2514 (Davnie):  Creates a transportation funding source for area learning center students in certain situations:

SF 2213 (Petersen)/HF 2271 (Erickson): Creates performance pay system.  Combines alternative compensation program with teacher evaluation program:

SF 2233 (Bonoff)/HF 2544 (Benson):  Clarifies location equity revenue.  Possible doughnut hole solution:

HF 2547 (Radinovich)/Currently No Senate Companion:  Location Equity Revenue clarification.  Possible Doughnut Hole Solution:

HF 2570 (Mariani)/HF 1761 (Bonoff): Creates alternative compensation preparation revenue:

HF 2575 (Slocum)/Currently No Senate Companion:  Limits placement or student teachers:

HF 2585 (Norton)/SF 2079 (Nelson):  Puts all school districts in cities of the first class into metro equity region.  Adds Rochester and Duluth:

HF 2587 (Radinovich)/SF 1765 (Jensen):  Provides for information technology certifications through public-private partnerships:

HF 2588 (Zerwas)/SF 2032 (Kiffmeyer):  Modifies definition of equity region:

HF 2589 (Urdahl)/Currently No Senate Companion:  Creates year-long student teacher pilot program:

HF 2630 (Wills)/Currently No Senate Companion:  Expanded school nutrition policy:

HF 2679 (Mariani)/Currently No Senate Companion:  Increases Revenue for Extended Time, extends eligibility for English language learners, and increases safe schools levy:

HF 2683 (Bly)/Currently No Senate Companion:  Increased use of Response to Intervention:

HF 2693 (Sawatsky)/SF 2299 (Dahle):  Puts recommendations of Special Education Caseload and Rule/Statute Alignment in law:

HF 2696 (Brynaert)/SF 2167 (Saxhaug):  Increases telecommunications access equity funding:

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