Monday, February 09, 2015

Monday Report.  Monday is characteristically a slow day early in the legislative session as legislators make their way back into the Capitol from their districts.  Each house has a floor session, but those sessions tend to be short and used almost solely for introducing bills at this juncture.  There were fireworks in the State Office Building today as the raises Governor Dayton gave to his cabinet and several other officials were debated energetically.  There will undoubtedly be push-back on that decision, but it is difficult to know what can be done to totally reverse the action.  But that doesn't mean it won't find its way into the discussion in some form or another for just about every day remaining in the 2015 legislative session.

You Have to See This.  The New York Times Education Life section that accompanies the Sunday The New York Times periodically was included in this week's edition.  With all the talk about universal pre-kindergarten and other programs that promote kindergarten readiness, I thought this story was one of the more interesting ones I have come across recently.  I guess being ready for first grade isn't enough.  6-year-olds have to be ready for college as well.


Bill Introductions.  


SF 630 -- Clausen -- Qualifies certain homeless children for early educational services --

SF 658 -- Jensen -- Clarifies referendum revenue authorization for Owatonna school district --

SF 664 -- Torres Ray -- Requires report on efficacy on teacher preparation programs --

SF 665 -- Torres Ray -- Reaffirms the importance of teacher mentoring programs --

SF 676 -- Dahle -- Makes charter schools and the Crosswinds Integration Magnet eligible for small schools revenue --


HF 672 -- S. Anderson -- Allows computer science course credit to fulfill a mathematics requirement --

HF 674 -- Bernardy -- Increases funding for Minnesota reading corps program --

HF 689 -- Hamilton -- Permits Red Rock Central school district to open school before Labor Day for the 2015-2016 school year --

HF 702 -- Norton -- Clarifies foreign language proficiency skills for gold and platinum bilingual and multilingual state seals --

HF 712 -- Davnie -- Increases general education basic formula amount by 4% for 2015-2016 and provides for annual inflationary increases thereafter --

HF 721 -- Loon -- Modifies requirements for placing teachers on unrequested leave of absence --

HF 724 -- Bernardy -- Provides full funding for college concurrent enrollment program --

HF 727 -- Wills -- Provides postsecondary enrollment options program information to students and parents --

HF 733 -- Petersburg -- Clarifies referendum revenue authorization for Owatonna school district --

HF 739 -- Davnie -- Increases general education, extended day, special education, EL, and phase-in of universal pre-school program --

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