Monday, February 16, 2015

Mondays are Quiet. . . At least at this point in the 2015 session.  There is a light committee schedule on Mondays and with floor sessions not heating up at this point, the day is largely devoted to looking over the bill introductions.  We're closing in on the first thousand bills of the session in the House as the tally reached 985 today.  The Senate is a little behind the House in total number, but they eclipsed the 900 introduction mark with today's session ending the day with 909 introductions.  One change I have witnessed during my career is the volume of bills that are introduced over a session (and biennium).  In an earlier era, it was rare that 2,000 bills would be introduced over the two-year biennium.  We will likely reach 2,000 bills in the first year alone in 2015 (which has been the pattern over the past decade as well).  I don't know what to attribute the plethora of introductions to, but it certainly keeps me reading.

Speaking of introductions, here are today's (light day for education):


SF 849 -- Stumpf -- Appropriates money for the Minnesota Resource Learning Center --


HF 887 -- O'Driscoll -- Dedicates unclaimed lottery prize money for acquisition of certain school trust lands --

HF 897 -- Davnie -- Requires school districts to adopt a policy on recess --

HF 928 -- Baker -- Allows New London-Spicer school district to start school before Labor Day in 2015-2016 school year --

HF 929 -- Baker -- Allows Willmar school district to start school before Labor Day in 2015-2016 school year --

HF 947 -- Kresha -- Establishes an after-school community grant program --

HF 964 -- Wills -- Implements portions of the 2013 legislative auditor's report on special education --

HF 982 -- Urdahl -- Directs eligible public postsecondary institutions to give full credit for completed PSEO courses --

HF 983 -- Lucero -- Creates a new revenue source for school districts with low levels of per pupil revenue --

HF 984 -- Drazkowski -- Phases out general education levy over six years and repeals the student achievement levy --

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