Monday, February 23, 2015

Teacher Evaluation Articles.  There's already been a  lot of discussion of Minnesota's teacher evaluation system, especially as it relates to the unrequested leave of absence (last in/first out) issue, this session.  The news media has picked up on the discussion and two articles showed up recently that I've posted below.

StarTribune article from Sunday, February 22:

MinnPost article from Friday, February 20:

Bill Introductions:


SF 1018--Dahle--Establishes after-school community learning grant program--

SF 1048--Nienow--Requires release of teacher and principal evaluation results--

SF 1067--Wiger--Requires policy on grade promotion and retention to be part of districts' strategic plans--

SF 1084--Jensen--Provides loan forgiveness to agricultural education teaching candidates--

SF 1090--Nienow--Requires school districts to unseal expunged criminal records for prospective teachers--

SF 1093--Nienow--Establishes new revenue stream for low-funded school districts--


HF 1129--Lohmer--Makes public complaint or charge data on teacher who has resigned--

HF 1134--Newton--Grants teacher license to public post-secondary faculty for teaching concurrent enrollment courses--

HF 1153--Mullery--Includes brain development as required service for family home visiting program--

HF 1169--Schomaker--Permits Tracy, Pipestone, and Heron Lake-Okabena school districts to start school prior to Labor Day for the 2015-2016 school year--

HF 1170--Bennett--Establishes teacher loan forgiveness program for teaching candidates in subject areas where a shortage of candidates exists--

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