Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Glacial Pace Continues.  All sides are still hanging out at the Governor's abode trying to strike a budget deal.  Doug Grow put a nice piece together for MinnPost which outlines what the final budget deal may look like and his logic is solid (although I think the chances of the basic formula hitting the 2% per year favored by the Governor and Senate has a better chance than he postulates).  I think the other thing that might happen is that an education bill may simply materialize without any further conference committee proceedings, similar to what happened in 2011 during the shutdown.  I think all sides know the priorities of each of the major players and sitting around in conference committees haggling over language doesn't accomplish much other than the appearance of transparency.  Here's hoping for a solid target with a strong commitment to the basic formula (and facilities and QComp) with everything wrapped up prior to next Monday.

Anyway, here's link to Doug Grow's MinnPost article:  What a Budget Deal Might Look Like

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