Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Still No Progress.  An APB has been put out for the elusive targets that the Legislature and the Governor cannot seem to locate.  Legislative leadership and the Governor are all holed up at the Governor's mansion with negotiations going great guns to try to find common ground (and then agreement) on the targets for the tax bill and the budget bills.  Republicans are charging the DFLers with trying to run down the clock to force the Republicans to make a deal that would be lighter on tax cuts than what they would prefer, which could possibly be the case or things may just be going slowly.  I have thought all along this session that the budget bills may be light on policy and if the target-setting process goes on much longer, a lot of policy initiatives will likely fall by the wayside as there won't be enough time to negotiate agreements.  It could be a year when it's pretty much all about money.  I will let you know how things shake out once they start shaking.

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