Monday, May 18, 2015

The End is Nigh . . . I Think.  The House passed the omnibus education bill on a party-line vote of 71-59 at approximately 3:15 AM Sunday night/Monday morning.  The debate and vote took up about an hour's time.  Criticism from the DFL minority was centered on the early childhood issue and the absence of the Governor's universal pre-kindergarten initiative.  The Governor is standing by his veto threat and the Senate will be taking up the bill this morning.  There are (paraphrasing the Biblical passage) "maneuvers and rumors of maneuvers" to get things done on time with the Governor's pre-kindergarten package included somewhere in the mix to avoid a special session.  The Senate could always vote to reject the conference committee report and force a re-opening of the conference committee where the Governor's initiative (and more money to pay for it) could be inserted into the E-12 bill.  Lots to think about.

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