Saturday, May 21, 2016

Deals Are Coming Together.  Settlement is being reached on most of the components of the omnibus supplemental budget bill.  The conference committee has approved the broadband, agriculture, environment, and public safety portions of the bill.  An agreement on the E-12 budget has also been reached and it is now being put to paper for presentation at some point in the next few hours.  The only thing that we know is in the agreement for sure is the provision in the Senate bill that was promoted by the Governor relating to pre-kindergarten education.  So, we all sit on pins and needles (which will likely help me stay awake).  In the meantime, how about another waiting song, this one from the Lizard King and his bandmates also known as The Doors.  Here we go with "Waiting for the Sun," which many people will likely see as today's session ends sometime early in the AM of Sunday morning.

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