Friday, May 20, 2016

We've Got the Slows.  Remember that old Nestle's Quik commercial?  Just about the same thing going on here today after the tax conference committee wrapped up its work for the day.  The agricultural land bond credit I referenced earlier in the day works as follows:  Owners of agricultural property will have 40% of their property tax bill that is attributable to school debt service bonds reduced by a property tax credit.

Other good news today came with the passage of the omnibus elections bill and the partial correction of changes made to election law as it pertains to school board vacancies.  As I understand the bill, school boards will be able to appoint a community member to fill a vacancy on the school board, but that appointment will only be good until the subsequent election day each November.  It was hoped that the law would allow the appointment to last until the next November general election date in an even-numbered year, but compromising at a year seems to split the difference between last year's usurpation of school boards' appointment authority and a longer appointment tenure.

The omnibus supplemental appropriations conference committee will not be meeting tonight, but will be here bright and early at 7 AM tomorrow morning.  I will need my Nestle's Quik.

Back to what you've all come back for.  It's another "waiting" song, this one from the Glimmer Twins (aka Jagger and Richard).  Here's "Waiting on a Friend" from 1981.  I felt as young this morning as Mick Jagger looked in this video.  Alas, I'm dragging a bit right now.

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