Saturday, May 21, 2016

Things are Slooooooooooowly Coming Together.  Global budget targets have been set and were reported by Senator Bakk in a brief statement to the press.  The overall general fund spending target is $167 million.  Of this amount, $35 million goes to broadband and $24 million goes to the Governor's pre-K initiative.  It is unknown whether or not the $24 million for the Governor's pre-K initiative comes in addition to or as part of the E-12 target.  We have yet to see what the target for E-12 will be.

The Senate and Governor did come down considerably on broadband.  The Governor proposed $100 million and the Senate proposed $85 million.  From what I have heard, the Senate did prevail on the implementing language on broadband, which is viewed as a victory in the eyes of broadband proponents.

Elsewhere, the transportation conference committee has sprung back to life and is hoping to reach an agreement.  I'm curious to see what that might look like.

In the meantime, here's another "waiting" song, this one by that set of 1980s British chanteuses Bananarama, coming at you with "Robert DeNiro's Waiting (Talking Italian).

And in a Bananarama bonus, here's an appropriate title for the last couple of days of the legislative session:  "I Heard a Rumour."

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