Sunday, May 16, 2010

Education Accord Reached (at least within the Legislature). As I reported in my last entry, the House and Senate education leaders did manage to get together and met at 5:30 AM to present a conference committee report. Just a couple of highlights before I get some sleep and come back and watch the debate this afternoon. Included in the bill are:
  1. Language allowing school boards to renew an existing levy for the same amount and term is included in the conference committee report.
  2. Charter school reform provisions that tighten up a number of regulations relating to charter schools, but also allows them to own buildings.
  3. Language that clarifies the third-party billing statutes and promotes greater use of the program.
The big question now is whether or not the Governor will sign the bill. It does not contain the reform provisions he sought and he is not enamored with the board renewal language as it pertains to the referendum. There are, however, a number of provisions that came from the Minnesota Department of Education addressing a wide range of subjects. The question remains if these relatively non-controversial provisions are sufficient to blunt his other concerns about the bill. My guess is the floor debate later today will answer many of these questions.

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