Saturday, May 08, 2010

Postscript of Saturday. Flags and posters were waving as another anti-tax rally round its way to the Capitol grounds on Saturday. Looks like about 1,000 people (give or take a hundred) are there. No one dressed in Revolutionary War outfits, which is always a disappointment to me.

The tone is probably set for the next week and that tone would have been set regardless if it were half a million people on the Capitol grounds. The Legislature will likely send some revenue enhancements (aka tax increases) to the Governor next week and they will be summarily dismissed.

Teacher Health Care Package. I've been told that the teacher health care pool which has passed the Legislature several times over the past few sessions only to meet with a gubernatorial veto will meet a similar fate in the coming week. The conference committee on SF 915 (with most of the work completed last session, but re-constituted earlier this session passed both the Senate and House by votes of 42-23 and 77-53 respectively. It should be noted that these vote totals are slightly lower than the numbers in favor of the bill last session. Whether that denotes a change-of-heart by legislators or the fact that provisions that earned support in one body or the other were dropped in conference committee is unknown, but right now, the numbers are not sufficient in either body to override the expected veto.

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