Monday, May 10, 2010

House Debating (and Soon Voting on) HF 2037. It's been a little over three hours of debate and House Majority Leader is wrapping up the debate and we'll be seeing a vote in a few minutes (It passed by a vote of 71-63). The House debate was much more spirited than the Senate debate, although the same points were made over and over and over and over again. Job killer or job saver?

It's not going to make a whole lot of difference because this bill is D.O.A. Anyone else here remember that early 1970s macbre masterpiece "D.O.A." by Bloodrock (pictured at right), a Dallas-Fort Worth area hard rock band (remember when it was called "hard rock" and not "heavy metal?"). That song, which was banned because of its musically graphic depiction of a victim of an airline crash slowly dying. That song clocked in at a little over four minutes, which is less time than the Governor will mull over his options on this bill. It's dead and serious work begins yet again.

In another matter, the education policy bills may be up tomorrow on the floors of both houses. As was the case today, I will keep you informed.

EDIT: Just been told education policy up in the House tomorrow and Senate on Wednesday.

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