Saturday, May 15, 2010

No Deal in Sight. Harvey Mandel seems to have put away all the suitcases and sent all the models home, because at this point, it looks like the game show has been changed to "No Deal or No Deal." It's the middle of a lovely Saturday afternoon and while it's not exactly a graveyard here in St. Paul, it's hardly a beehive either.

The Senate is in recess. Majority Leader Pogemiller made it clear that the Governor and legislative leadership are in negotiations on a global budget solution and without tipping his hand, I didn't take from his comments that we're anywhere near getting that at this point. The Senate will likely return this evening and clean off any work it may have in front of it, but it might not be a whole lot of work. At the same time, it's hard for anyone to go anywhere, because something always seems to be afoot. A lot of that activity turns out to the rumored activity, but you have to be active to combat rumored activity (did that last sentence make any sense?).

The House is currently on the floor handling what appears to be relatively minor bills (If there is such a thing. I've been around here long enough to know that every bill is major to somebody.).

Education Bill. Right now, prospects for some type of education bill remain murky. I have talked to staffs in both houses and vehicle bills do exist to get some type of pre-confereed bill--a bill that would only contain measures that both bills agree to--through both houses in the same form. Such bills are usually non-controversial. As I've said a lot this week, there are a number of really vanilla provisions that would be nice to see passed, if for no other reason that they won't take up any discussion time next session. Again, I'll keep you posted.

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