Monday, May 21, 2007

Ain't It Hot, Hot, Hot. The E-12 funding bill passed the Senate floor by a vote of 51-15 about an hour-and-a-half ago and HF 2245 is now on the House floor. Most--and when I say most, I mean almost every comment--of the discussion is all about the imbalance in the bill due to the heavy special education costs in Minneapolis and several other districts. Those of you in the other districts can rest easily because Minneapolis is the sole target of the invective being ladled out against the bill.

You should have received the updated runs, but don't take them to be completely accurate at this point. I am certain they are 99% correct, but there may be an isolated miscue. Kudos to the entire House and Senate staff for getting all of the summary documents together. They did tremendous work in a limited amount of time.

I'll give a final update after the House vote, but everything points toward the session ending easily by the midnight constitutional deadline. About the only thing that could de-rail that would be a eruption of rhetoric about the magnitude of Mt. St. Helen's. Hey wait. That's what's happening. Seriously, the end is in sight.

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