Friday, May 11, 2007

Education isn't Working on this Weekend. Hey, everybody loves a play on words for the title of that great 1980s hit by Loverboy. Unfortunately, the result of this particular play on words is going to be one hellacious week of work starting next Monday. It's going to be about 180 hours of madness with conference committees going full blast.

Yesterday, the Senate put an amendment on HF 2294 that increased income taxes by approximately $450 million and used that revenue to buy down property taxes and then passed the bill. The House concurred with those amendments today and repassed the legislation. It is now on its way to the Governor where it faces a certain veto.

Whatever one feels about the legislation and its probable demise, work will begin in earnest on Monday, as the boundaries of the Legislature's possible action has now been defined by the Governor's recent actions. One of my boldest predictions prior to the Legislative Session is that there would not be a special session. In recent weeks, I have wavered a bit in that prediction. Things can get done on time, but a lot of stuff is going to have to fly around and land in the right place to ensure that occuring.

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