Tuesday, May 15, 2007

'til Tuesday. Staying with the musical theme, we'll turn to that mid-80s stalwart 'til Tuesday featuring the great Aimee Mann, as we hit move, appropriately, to Tuesday. 'til Tuesday's biggest hit was Voices Carry and I sincerely wish voices were carrying around here because the silence is deafening. There are negotiations taking place, but there does not appear to be a final budget target for the E-12 conference committee and the rumor running around the Capitol today was that the conference committee may not meet again and instead, a bill may be negotiated and attached to another piece of legislation and sent to the Governor. That's "six-of-one/half-dozen of the other" if a bill has been negotiated by both parties. If the bill has not been negotiated, it is what is called a "scud" and would not be a good way for the DFL-controlled Legislature to handle business for the first time that they have had control of both bodies since 1999.

It should be very interesting, but until something becomes more clear, I will adhere to the words of another great pop culture icon, Sergeant Schultz from Hogan's Heroes, "I know nothing."

Call with questions or comments.

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