Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One More Day (No Word). Or so the song goes. More about that later.

There is still no movement on the E-12 conference committee. Rumours abound as to when the conference committee will once again convene and it may be yet today. It appears that the education bill will somehow be linked with the tax bill and sent to the Governor in one package. At one point, it was conjectured that the Higher Education funding bill and the Transportation funding bill would also be lumped into this "mega-bill" in order to put the tax increases together with the Legislature's key spending increases in order to provide a level of greater transparency.

Transparent or not, the Governor had to go back to the cabinet to get a new veto pen because his first one ran out of ink and we are probably just getting started.

I will keep you posted as things begin to happen (hopefully soon).

Now, back to the title of this entry. I have no idea if anyone is reading this blog, so here is a trivia question. First prize is lunch at Ulcer Gulch, the snack bar on the second floor of the Capitol that operates during session hours. The pre-packaged sandwiches are delicious, but I am ticked they ran out of beef-and-cheese combo sticks.

The title of this entry comes from a monumentally important, I would say seminal, album (a double album no less) from the early 1970s. Name the artist and the album. A hint is that this individual played all of the instruments on three of the four sides of the double album set and is still recording today. Have fun and, please, give me an answer so that I know someone is reading this.

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