Monday, May 21, 2007

A Rumour of a Bill. Philip Caputo wrote his classic Vietnam-era memoir A Rumour of War and I will now author a brief 2007 Legislative Session-era classic A Rumour of a Bill. It appears--and let me stress the word appears--that negotiations on the education bill have reached a successful agreement.

Some of what I have heard is a bit troubling. A 1% increase in the general education basic formula for the second year of the biennium has supposedly been inserted into the bill and that should provide some succor to those who were nervous about a flat second year. There has reportedly been some backing away from the full funding of special education, but that budget category will still be getting the lion's share (and it's a pretty big lion) of the new revenue. It also appears that the meager nod toward all-day kindergarten has gotten a bit more meager (is more meager an oxymoron?).

Anyway, stay tuned. There will be material coming out throughout the day and Deb and I will try to get as much information to you as possible.

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