Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Education Bill Passes!  It was a night of intrigue and charges of mischief, but the omnibus E-12 bill passed both the House and Senate and is on its way to the Governor for his anticipated signature.  I am sure the Governor will wait until all of the bills hit his desk before making any decision, but there's little doubt that he will sign the E-12 bill.  The vote in the House was 79-54 in the House and 47-17 in the Senate.

As I reported last night, the House DFLers offered several amendments to the tax bill and all were unsuccessful.  There were charges by the majority caucus that the offering of amendments violated the agreement that was signed prior to the special session, but the DFLers counter-charged that the agreement stated the session would be done by 7 AM on Wednesday and that wasn't going to happen.  There was an ample amount of frustration on both sides as legislators had been sitting around since three o'clock and the tax bill did not hit the House floor until around 11:00 PM.  Things fell together after they looked like they were going to fall apart and the tax bill passed on a vote of 102-31.

In that vein, I can only post this musical treat from the late J J Cale, which kind of sums up what happens after midnight.

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