Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tax Bill and Spreadsheet Posted.  Things are coming out in dribs and drabs up here at the Capitol.  The State Departments Working Group (remember this is the special session so there are no committees or conference committees--at least yet) will be going through the State Departments bill sometime within the next hour or so.

The big news is that the tax bill and spreadsheet that goes with the bill have been posted on the House Tax Committee website.  As I conjectured earlier today, the Ag Bond Credit is in the bill at a 40% reimbursement rate for the school debt service levy on agricultural property and the proposed increase in debt service equalization did not survive.

Here is a link to the tax bill language:  Language  Ag Bond Credit language is Article 4, Sections 1 and 2, on pages 136 and 137 of the bill.

The spreadsheet:  Spreadsheet  The appropriation for the Ag Bond Credit is on line 54 of page 7.  The zeroed amount for debt service is on 47.

The bill summary:  Section by Section Summary

For this installment's musical treat, I will leave you with the late Glenn Frey's The Allnighter.  Sorry, I couldn't find a live performance and--pardon the pun--I don't have all night.  Wait a minute.  I'm sitting at the Capitol all night, so I guess I would have all night.

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