Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Off Until Tomorrow.  Instead of meeting to recess and recess and recess, the Legislature has decided to take the evening off and let staff get the remaining bills in order and convene again at noon tomorrow and pass the rest of the budget.  The House passed the transportation bill this afternoon and the Senate passed a bill that is centered around the preemption bill that was in conference when the regular session ended.  The preemption bill would prevent local units of government to go beyond state law on a number of basic employee/employer relationships, particularly the minimum wage, sick leave, and family leave.  Minneapolis and St. Paul have passed ordinances that require family leave and a minimum wage in excess of the state benchmark.  A number of provisions that the Governor supports have been attached to the preemption bill and it's difficult to know whether he will drop his opposition to the preemption provision and sign the bill or not.  

On the education front, after a couple of recesses and discussion of several amendments, the E-12 budget bill was given its third reading and then laid on the table.  It will come up for a final vote tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'll sign off with the Shirelles "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"  I hope the Legislature loves us all tomorrow or I'll have to post "Please Release Me."

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