Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gears are Grinding.  

It appears that the Legislature will be returning next week unless there is a rapid turn-of-events in the next couple of hours.  The Legislature passed a resolution today that would allow them to adjourn for more than three days (the Legislature must work every three days during a session without a joint resolution stating otherwise) in anticipation that work would not get done and that it may be best for everyone to take a break for a few days.

As I stated earlier, I inaccurately reported that the E-12 bill had passed both Houses and the Senate is embroiled on the discussion of several elements of the bill.  The minority members are offering amendments, but they have all been voted down to this point.  There was an amendment offered to remove the unrequested leave of absence changes in the bill (moving away from "last in/first out") and that failed on a party-line vote of 30-33.  The Senate is currently in recess and leadership is discussing several elements of the E-12 bill with the Governor.

Another issue that is currently hanging out there is the TRA correction.  There was language in a bill that would have put in the an increased contribution schedule for employers and employees (with no new funding to help employers with the increase), but I believe that language has been taken out and there may be negotiations on-going to try and solve the problem.  I will get that cleared up so I can share the information with you all tomorrow at the general membership meeting.

How about a little more music?  Hopefully things will be alright, but hopefully before the morning comes.

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