Saturday, May 20, 2017

Slow Ride.  But no one is subscribing to Foghat's advice and taking it easy, but things are moving slowly on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (street on which the Capitol is located) tonight.  Both the House and Senate have returned to the floor and they may take up several budget bills (but not E-12 which is still being worked on).   It appears that a number of policy initiatives seem to be gumming up the works and the Governor is laying most of the blame at the feet of the House of Representatives, saying that he believed the Senate wanted to finish on time, but the House wants to push some policies he simply won't accept.  As per usual, we'll see how this all plays out.  In the meantime, enjoy a video of the still-touring Foghat's biggest hit in footage from 30 years after the song was released.

Here's a link to a MinnPost article on the Governor's veto of the teacher licensure bill:  Teacher licensing overhaul sent back for negotiations after veto. But for teachers in limbo, changes can’t come soon enough 

Speaking of the teacher licensure bill, I inaccurately reported that the bill passed the House on a straight party-line vote and it did not.  3 DFLers--Representatives Mariani, Marquart, and Poppe--voted for the bill and one Republican--Representative Franke--voted against the bill.  At this point, it appears that the contents of HF 140 with some changes may be incorporated into the omnibus E-12 funding and policy bill.

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